Part of my role as Creative Director for seanhanna means that i get to travel all over the world, presenting shows and seminars. Shows can be really exciting, and lots of fun. The shows are principally to inspire other hairdressers. I work mainly with L’Oreal who as far as I can tell, have a global dominance in terms of sharing creativity between hairdressers worldwide.

Over the past few years, I have presented shows in the US (particularly exciting for me as I am originally from Texas), India and in many European destinations.

Although the shows themselves can be very glamorous, behind the scenes are definitely not. Here is a video from a show we did recently in the South of France. It’s the behind the scenes and rehearsals. As you can see, it got very messy! Oh and don’t worry. these aren’t the sort of styles we do in the salon 🙂

Here is a video from our 30th year anniversary awards show. It was held at KOKO in camden, and I loved it as all our team from all of our 8 salons came to see it.

This was an interview about a show we did last year. It helps to explain how we put together the concept and the show videos.