Hairdressing Expert


There are times in our life when we really need the assistance of a True Hairdressing Expert. It maybe that our hair has got out of control, or we’ve experienced specific ‘bad hair day’ challenges. Or maybe we’ve had a wonderful hairdresser who is no longer available to us and we need to find someone new.

If this is you, it may be the right time for you to come and meet one of the UK’s leading hair Experts, Skyler McDonald, Creative Director for the seanhanna group of salons.

Taking the time you find out what you need and what best suits you and your hair is perhaps one of the things that ensures you have the best results every time.

I do always love meeting new clients who are looking for that special haircut. I sometimes get clients who are looking for a regular stylist that they can trust and build a great relationship with, but I also get clients who perhaps have a regular hairdresser, but want someone with a fresh eye to inject something new into their hairstyle. So whatever the reason you are looking for that special haircut, I can guarantee you will receive my best attention at all times.

Already one of the UK’s most accomplished Award winning Hair dressers including London Hairdresser of the Year and the UK’s Most Wanted One to Watch, Skyler McDonald is passionate about hair. As Partner and Creative Director of the award winning seanhanna group of salons, she is certainly busy. Based in the company’s flagship salon in Putney, London, Skyler heads up an exciting and enthusiastic team. Sky says “It’s all about finding the perfect haircut for each individual.” So the consultation is key.

My job is very exciting. I get to travel to some pretty cool places and get to work with some really interesting people and I’m currently filming a second TV series called Last Chance Salon . But my favourite thing is looking after my clients in my Putney salon. I have an awesome team there and together we really do have a great energy.

Call now to book your next hair appointment with Skyler, by calling 020 870 1644